There’re three ways to get into trouble: by doing the right things, by doing the wrong things and by doing nothing. Good news, we can always turn the trouble into a blessing, provided we handle it God’s way. Let’s discover a few steps we can apply.


Identify How you got into trouble


The first thing you need to do is examine how you got into trouble. You don’t confront rebellion and persecution the same way. Ignorance and a lack of pro-activeness differ from a non-intentional mistake. So define your case, understand your actions, and establish the things that got you into trouble. Then you can move to the next step:


Change your point of focus


You want to change your point of focus from the trouble to God’s way out of it. There’s a way God wants you to confront rebellion. And there’s another approach to ignorance, lack of inquiry and persecution. Some troubles are difficult to deal with. Others have a direct approach. But you must understand the context and confront them to be effective. And this leads to the third stage:


Take appropriate action


You can’t expect success except you understand the context and apply the correct approach to come out of the trouble. Sometimes we use the wrong tools to accomplish the task. You may use a hammer to open a tomato can. But we make the best use of it to insert nails into wood.


The action should correspond to the trouble. This simple statement can save enormous wasted efforts. See how complicated it is to open that tomato can with a hammer as compared to using a can opener! A wrong hit can spill the entire paste, waste precious food and resources. How often we tried to come out of troubles the wrong way because we applied the wrong approach? Faith + Corresponding Action = Results. That’s the way it works. Some actions don’t correspond, they can complicate the problem further.


Exercise Patience


Get it right, you collaborate with God, so you don’t walk at your pace. The solution comes from God, not you. We think we move the mountains. No, God does. And He does it at His own pace and time. Patience is necessary. Let me tell you why. It helps you avoid compromise. But it does more—you learn a lesson you can pass on to others who face similar troubles. If God answers all your requests instantaneously, He gets no chance to build you up and use you. Afflictions + Patience = taking part In Christ’s Sufferings.


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