The previous post shows how you fine the spouse God wants you to marry—by desiring what He desires and working towards it. Your desires become His, and His yours. So you and God work towards a common goal. This relationship with God doesn’t take away your ability to reason and be creative. Instead, you receive divine empowerment to do exploits in line with His will. So you know you do what’s right because you do what God wants you to do. You know you marry the right person because you desire and chose the person God wants for you.


Let’s get deeper. Many singles can’t establish the link between divine connection and love. Mix up these two and you misrepresent the marriage institution. Are you in search of a spouse? You’ve got to understand the difference.


Divine Connection


Nothing happens by chance. No such thing as a coincidence when dealing with faith matters. Divine connection is a supernatural bond in the spirit realm between two distinct persons. This bond has little to do with the mental and physical realms. It enables a single to look beyond social class, worldly standards, personal biases and other human barriers. You just know you know. You just know that’s the person. Isaac didn’t know Rebecca enough to claim he loved her. But the supernatural encounter between them created the unbreakable bond in the spirit realm.


Amid uncertainties, divine connection establishes the ultimate conviction in the hearts of both partners about each other. It’s a unique love God puts in the hearts of two people He wants to unite in a marriage. This love doesn’t rely on the condition of the singles to set up itself in their hearts. God puts the genuine love in those hearts. And they’re always willing to express it to each other.


Divine connection helps you look beyond current lapses and inabilities in your partner. When two people divinely connect, it eliminates thoughts of a wrong choice even amid turbulence. The divine bond helps you set your heart on things above, not on things seen. Divine love can fall into temptation because of human weaknesses, but it doesn’t betray, it doesn’t fail; it remains faithful.




Love is different. It’s a series of affections you develop towards a person. One can fall in love with a person, although there’s no bond of a divine origin. Sampson is a great example, he falls haphazardly in love with women.


What’s the crucial difference between divine connection and love when dealing with marriage? A divine connection to someone originates from God. It’s an established conviction in the Spirit. The Father gets fully involved in the union between the two because He starts it.


Love between two people who want to get married is pure only if divine connection brought them together. Why? God doesn’t start the carnal love you develop for some people. Sometimes, you fall in love with someone for reasons other than pure love. For instance, their physical beauty, material possessions, character, dressing code, etc. Some even fall in love with their own kind. Many outward things create bonds between people. And these outward bonds can lead them to marry.


Divine connection is and will always be between the two. But one can learn to love someone or even fall out of love. You need not necessarily be deep in love with someone, divine connection motivates you to marry the person and you learn to love the person in the union. If you fall out of love, divine connection helps to build the broken pieces and reestablish the union. Love void of the divine stamp leads to most divorces we see today.


You’ve got the task to approach God for wisdom to discern who to spend the rest of your life with. Remember, marriage isn’t a process entirely under your control. God has his part to play, you have yours. Learn to collaborate with Him to live His perfect will.


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