Why do most marriages fail? Check the stats. Latest CDC survey data reveal there is a divorce ‘‘every 42 seconds’’ in the US. Of the ‘‘2.2 million marriages in EU-28 in 2015, 946,000 ended in divorce’’—Eurostat. Shelly and Sarah’s research ‘‘across 33 sub-Saharan African countries shows 20% of first unions end in divorce.’’ Christian divorce data is ‘‘about the same as the general population’’—Ron Sider’s research. As the world tramples upon good social norms, how many remaining marriages hang on by a thread? Wish you make a difference with your own marriage. The solution is to confront marriage with the right perspective. That’s why you should read Before You Marry: Things To Know Before Searching Your Spouse. Here’s what you discover in Before You Marry:

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  • The principal reasons for unfulfilled marriages.
  • How to self-examine your beliefs on marriage considering Scripture.
  • Discover how to unveil motives of potential spouses you encounter.
  • How you generate Holy Spirit inspired approaches to know your spouse in your context.
  • Learn to channel your capacities towards achieving the divine assignments for the marriage.

The final product you get is God’s will for you and a marriage shining bright enough to illuminate the dark world round you. Why desire something else? Before You Marry adds value to your marriage journey and motivates you to live its purpose.

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