Give Us The Chance To Assess And Validate Your Theology

I came across two Christian theologians from different denominations with contrasting theological beliefs. They both discussed the topic of human freewill. One believes that we have a significant amount of free will to make choices in life. The other believes God is in control and predetermined all our actions from before we were born. I stumbled upon a YouTube debate between two Christian scholars on the subject. Despite arguing for hours and cross-examining each other, they could not present sufficient supporting arguments to convince each other. I realized they will never come to an agreement, despite both claiming to be Christians. Would you like to find out the reason?

It’s a simple and clear-cut answer. Both preachers hold on to inauthentic theological beliefs and approaches in their attempt to interpret God’s authentic Word. The Holy Spirit inspired the content of the Bible, but the theologies of these preachers lack sufficient inspiration from Him. Bias, prejudice, and subjectivity tainted their theological thoughts. Hence, they can’t agree.

When God commands or mandates you to preach His Word, you are merely His vessel. The Holy Spirit takes control of you and delivers His message to His audience. Preaching is acceptable in this situation, since God’s Word is genuine and the Holy Spirit empowers the preacher. Theological thoughts often veer off in various directions because of bias and subjectivity. We teach them so that people can have the opportunity to analyze the evidence.



Preaching lacks interactivity, whereas teaching involves interaction. Who can oppose the Holy Spirit when He preaches through a vessel? However, a teacher is still responsible for presenting facts and addressing student inquiries. It’s even possible for a teacher to be proven wrong in some situations.

What’s the final verdict? We preach what is authentic but teach what needs authentication to allow for its evaluation through reason. Please, preachers, refrain from preaching your theology. Teach it to us so that we can assess, verify, authenticate, or dismiss it. But preach God’s Word.

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