The Purpose of Your Theology

Technological research and innovation have received substantial investments from both governments and private corporations in recent years. ‘‘Researchers discovered enormous reserves of cobalt, copper, tellurium, manganese, lithium, and other valuable resources that contribute to making technology better.’’ Without these investments, we won’t ‘‘enjoy the services of things like smartphones and better means of transportation.’’ Besides being willing to invest, there is a desire to explore, discover, and increase knowledge about our environment, as well as seek innovative solutions to improve life for everyone.

Are you aware believers can find a wide range of spiritual and material blessings within the vast content of the Bible as well? And did you know the instrument used to extract spiritual and material resources from the Bible is theology?

Let’s take a closer look at the process and stages of copper mining. First, there is the extraction and transportation of raw material for primary crushing. Next, the separation of oxide and sulfide ores takes place. Oxide ore undergoes leaching, solvent extraction, and electrowinning, while sulfide ore goes through flotation, thickening, smelting, and electrolysis. Then, we blend the refined ores to get a copper cathode that is 99.99% pure. To achieve the desired results, each stage requires the expertise of specialized engineers and equipment.

The Bible goes through a comparable process to uncover and share its hidden treasures with everyone. Engineers who research and explore its content are the believers. The tool they employ to explore the Bible is theology. Depending on their spiritual resource needs, they employ the relevant theology for extraction and refinement. That’s why believers can tap into incredible spiritual resources that aid in our transformation and Christlikeness.

While the mining instruments are important, they are not the primary concern. The main thing the copper miner desires and focuses more on is the copper itself. The primary purpose of the industry and machinery is to extract the copper. This also applies to the Bible and the theologies it inspires. Theology takes a backseat to the hidden gems in Scripture that believers uncover.

One reason that causes much confusion among believers is that many Christian groups don’t perceive their theology as a tool for exploiting Scripture to discover resources. Rather, they raise their theology to the status of Scripture. Some even replace Scripture with their theology. Copper mining instruments cannot substitute for copper ores. Likewise, once believers get caught up in comparing their beliefs and promoting their ideologies, they lose sight of the spiritual blessings within scripture.

Additionally, the machinery setup in the scattered mines across the globe can vary greatly, but the copper extraction process follows the same stages. If you alter the core process, you’ll get a substance other than copper. It’s now clear why there are disagreements among groups identifying as Christians regarding certain parts of the Bible. Not only do they give more importance to their mining equipment (theology), but they also cannot extract the pure, stainless, hidden treasures in those Scriptures because they use the incorrect tools. How can they come to discover this truth?

The research work, “The Bible Vs Theology,” highlights eleven differences between the Bible’s content and theological exploits. Feel free to get a copy to enhance your spiritual journey or give as a gift to someone.

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