If you’ve read the article before, then you already know the answer is yes. Our misunderstanding of theology has led to confusion regarding its true meaning and purpose. Let’s examine a more comprehensive definition of theology that highlights both its true significance and its intended purpose. In the book The Bible Vs Theology, I define theology as ‘‘The method we use to interpret what God reveals in the Bible and universe by presenting pieces of evidence in an organized manner.’’ I describe the Bible as the ‘‘Book that contains God’s Word and will for humanity.’’


Among the eleven differences I discovered between the Bible’s content and theological thoughts, let’s examine five of them.


The Holy Spirit inspired the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16, 2 Peter 2:21, Romans 15:4). Theology isn’t always inspired by the Holy Spirit. Bias, subjectivity, and prejudice can corrupt our theological analysis. Theology is pure and reliable only with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


The authenticity and truth of the Bible are unquestionable. Not every theological thought can be considered genuine and accurate. Some are human suggestions, opinions, and suggestions to fill in certain knowledge gaps.


The Bible is sufficient. Even without theology, we can still lead a fulfilled Christian life. Theology cannot exist independently. To be considered genuine, it needs to draw inspiration from the Bible. Furthermore, one can never have enough theological knowledge. There are no limits to how far we can take its development. At some stage, you grow weary of theology.


The Bible is known for its consistency and trustworthiness. It perfectly interprets itself from Genesis to Revelation. Our lack of knowledge about ancient times might pose some minor challenges. However, the knowledge we gain from the Bible’s content far outweighs the struggles we face. Moreover, we are continuously learning and uncovering additional evidence to shed light on those challenges. Often, theological ideas lack logical consistency, reliability, and truth. Theologians make topics more difficult by using complicated terms and terminologies, resulting in confusion.

The Bible was inspired by God through the Holy Spirit, but any trustworthy theology stems from the Bible. Have you grasped the rationale behind some denominations rewriting the Bible? Instead of starting from the Bible and expanding, their theology takes a different approach. They have their own individual ideas and interpretations of God’s nature. They must revise the Bible and manipulate certain biblical terminologies to fit their viewpoint, since it doesn’t support their position.


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