Should We Forget About Theological Explorations?

The existence of multiple conflicting schools of thought unquestionably causes confusion among Christians. Yet, let’s admit a fact. Engaging in theology is beneficial for us as believers. Stanford E. Murrell, ThD says, “…every thoughtful individual is a theologian to some extent, for life and destiny are affected by what an individual believes about God and His will.’’ Theology aids in interpreting life’s events, fostering appreciation for different perspectives and enriching our faith.

It’s important to understand that theology is simply a tool for exploration. This is the part where we frequently mess things up. The common desire is to swap out the sacred Word of God with our own theologies, even though theology serves only to enhance our comprehension of God’s Word. Theology is a means for exploration, not the actual treasure. I really hope we can get this right. The confusion caused by divisive theologies within the Body of Christ will diminish greatly.

Engaging in exploration is a magnificent practice that allows us to uncover enthralling discoveries in life. Life becomes more interesting with theological explorations. The greatest people who ever lived are all remembered for their explorations. While we explore, it’s important to maintain our focus on God. The exploration process is meaningful only when He receives all the glory in the end.

The Bible contains abundant knowledge about God and the universe, surpassing what one can fully understand in a lifetime. Let’s embark on an exploration. But explorers should know that not all borrowed routes lead to treasure. There’s a possibility of walking down a path and finding ourselves in an unknown wilderness or becoming trapped by wild beasts. Yet, every journey comes with its own lessons. We can take a more favorable path on our next adventure to discover abundant treasures.


We should view the theologies we create in this manner. There are various ways to explore God’s Word and uncover valuable hidden treasures. At times, the road we travel on leads us directly to blessings. On other occasions, we find ourselves entangled in perplexity. Rather than getting caught up in confusion and wasting our energy in pride, let’s be humble, acknowledge our mistakes, and unite for the next adventure.


Don’t get trapped in your so-called school of thought. The Holy Spirit is the sole school of thought, generating harmonious results that are helpful for all. Each time you isolate yourself up in your own system of belief, thinking you’re wiser than others, you’re only displaying your pride and causing rifts among fellow believers.

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